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Claims analysis, streamlined

By eliminating the need for manual processes, huge Excel reports, and patchwork Microsoft Access workarounds, the ClaimIntelligence platform makes healthcare claims analysis faster and easier.

Claims have always been complicated. Until now.

We originally built the ClaimIntelligence platform as an in-house tool for ClaimInformatics to drive into our own payment integrity and analysis work. After experiencing how much easier the platform made our lives, we knew we had to license it to expand transparency throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Today, the ClaimIntelligence platform is a secure, cloud-based software solution designed to empower adjudicators, auditors, analysts, attorneys, and others to review healthcare claims quickly and easily. Built from the bottom up by certified claims coders, the system enables the rapid, intuitive review of both billion-dollar data sets and individual claims down to the claim line level.


Underwriters use ClaimIntelligence to evaluate risk when writing stop-loss and reinsurance. Auditors use ClaimIntelligence to power their audits. Providers use ClaimIntelligence to manage and appeal denials. Adjudicators use ClaimIntelligence to automatically adjudicate stop-loss claims. 


How will you use ClaimIntelligence?   

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