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Bring your healthcare analytics in-house

Dissect Healthcare Claims Instantly

The ClaimIntelligence™ platform empowers attorneys and analysts to review claims without relying on outside analytics companies.


By leveraging millions of industry-standard rule sets alongside 600+ proprietary edits, analysts can examine every claim (regardless of size) to uncover multi-year trends, reveal recurring errors, and deliver exceptionally efficient service to their clients.

With ClaimIntelligence™, leading healthcare law firms reduce their dependence on expensive analytics agencies, and interpret their clients' data themselves.

Analyze Billion-Dollar+ Claim Datasets


Edit Library

On-Demand Trend Analysis

Granular Claim-Line Review


Customer Reporting



Fundamentally distinguish your firm from competing healthcare practices by delivering faster, more comprehensive claims reviews.

Deliver exceptional compliance services to provider clients by reviewing 100% of their claims to identify any legal exposure.


Denial Appeals

Expedite diligence for healthcare clients pursuing acquisitions by assessing the target companies' claims history. 

Transform provider appeals for denied claims by re-adjudicating 100% of claims, regardless of size. No more battling payors with non-representative samples.

Transform your healthcare practice by quickly and comprehensively analyzing claims in the ClaimIntelligence platform

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