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Automated. Intuitive.

Efficient. Precise.

Audit with ClaimIntelligence

The ClaimIntelligence™ platform empowers auditors and coders to audit faster and more comprehensively. ​


Leveraging millions of industry-standard rule sets and more than 600+ proprietary edits, auditors can examine every claim (regardless of size) to uncover multi-year trends, reveal recurring errors, and deliver exceptionally efficient audit reports to their clients.

With ClaimIntelligence™, audits take hours instead of days, and the findings and reports are unparalleled.​


Provide your clients with unparalleled transparency and insight into their claims.


Unlock new revenue by evaluating 100% of claims.


Substantially reduce the time required to plan, perform, document, and audit reports.


Fundamentally distinguish yourself from competing audit providers.

Your auditors audit faster and more comprehensively when they work in the ClaimIntelligence platform

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