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The engine for claims review, analysis, and adjudication

Making Claims Make Sense

Then: Analyzing healthcare claims has historically been time-consuming and complicated because healthcare claims are needlessly complex.

Now: The ClaimIntelligence platform simplifies and expedites the review and adjudication of healthcare claims by automating and streamlining your claim reviewers' existing processes.


Coupling more than 600+ proprietary edits with automation, analyses are generated as soon as claims data is loaded.


CI sifts, sorts, and adjudicates claims around the clock so your analysts can focus on the most complicated cases.


Whether you're searching for FWA or evaluating denials, CI captures 5x the industry average in findings.


Built by claims specialists for claims specialists, the CI platform is easy to start with and quick to master.

Where underwriters do their work.

Give Your Team the
Tools They Need

ClaimIntelligence doesn't replace your employees - it empowers them. Make your team faster and more efficient at reviewing and interpreting claims.

Instant Analytics

Access and download reports on high-priced providers, inappropriate denials, and more; all available the instant claims are loaded.

Comprehensive Training & Support

With dedicated support and continued training, CI onboarding ensures that your team can get started immediately.

Limitless Customization

Easily configure the platform with each of your policies and plans, unlocking the power of superior electronic claim reviews.


In Our Customers’ Own Words

“As a broker, I have reviewed over 500 healthcare vendors in the marketplace. The ClaimIntelligence platform is head and shoulders above every other way to look at claims. I recommend it to any client that needs to accurately review their claims.”​

Keith McNeil, Partner, Arrow Benefits Group


Claims Analyzed


Audit Speed


Loyal Customers


Custom Reports


Renewal Rate



Built to Make Your Team Better

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